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Baynard Park Clubs

Bunco is generally played with twelve or more players, divided into groups of four, trying to score points while taking turns rolling three dice in a series of six rounds. A Bunco is achieved when a person rolls three-of-a-kind and all three numbers match the round number.

If you’re interested in joining, you can  contact the following neighbors; 

Susan Bonner - susanbonner88@gmail.com 

(631) 831-8775

Debbie Fejes - dgfejes@bellsouth.net   (770) 769-8389

Rosalind Kelly - heyros@att.net 

(313) 729-9977

The Ladies’ Lunch meets at local area restaurants with a different resident being the point person for each luncheon. 

If you’re interested in participating

please reach out to; 

Linda Wolff - lawolff@gmail.com 

(630) 667-1033

Meets at various times and frequency. For more

information, contact​

Ken Stankowitz


Mahjong is always played with four players seated around a table. Tiles are shuffled, die are cast, and rituals involving the allocation of tiles and then the exchange of tiles begin. The first person to match a hand of 14 tiles and thus "call mahjong" ends the game, whereupon tiles are scored and a winner is declared.

If you’re interested in finding out how to get involved, feel free to contact the following neighbor; 

Carolyn Adelman - carolyn_adelman@msn.com              (843) 929-0700

Pickleball is a paddleball sport (similar to a racquet sport) that combines elements of badminton, table tennis, and tennis. Two or four players use solid paddles made of wood or composite materials to hit a perforated polymer ball, much like a wiffle ball, with 26-40 round holes, over a net.

We are currently looking for volunteers to organize this club.

We are currently looking for participants. For more information please contact Fred Ryan

(908) 334 2073

We are currently looking for someone to organize as well as participants for the Tennis Club.

If you would like to volunteer to run one of the clubs listed that does not have an organizer, please fill out the volunteer form and specify which club you're interested in.  


The Bluffton Police Department

101 Progressive Street, Bluffton, SC 29910


The Bluffton Fire Department

357 Fording Island Rd, Bluffton, SC 29909