Security Gates Update

As previously mentioned, new control arms to enter/exit the community have been approved and a security vendor has been selected for the installation. The BP Board will be managing the project.


These RFID controlled arms will allow for single car access and eliminate piggybacking. There will be no need for window stickers as the guard will no longer control resident access. The 2019 stickers will not be accepted for entry when the new gate system becomes operational. You will still be able to enter your key code to activate the arms if you do not have an RFID tag on your vehicle.


The project was originally slated to be completed the week of November 2nd but due to weather and other delays, the installation of the new arms is now scheduled for the week of November 16.  Please be careful when entering and exiting the community during this time. 

IMPORTANT: It is critical that residents verify current RFIDs are in working order. If you do not have an RFID, or your current one is not working properly, please complete the RFID request form located on our website by clicking here:  Request and RFID. Once completed, please follow the submission instructions provided on the form. 


If your current RFID's are working, you're all set and no further action is needed.


We appreciate everyone's patience and cooperation during this time. 

Please note:  If you are replacing a defective RFID tag, you will have to provide the number from the old tag as shown here:


last updated Nov 27, 2020



Version 1.00


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