Special Update for Baynard Park

Dominion Natural Gas

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​​​On Thursday evening, June 20, 2019, at our town hall meeting, Jake Baker gave a presentation on the process of installing natural gas in the BP community that does not currently have natural gas.

Here are some of the questions and answers from the town hall session.


  1. What are the initial costs? Nothing by starting with 1,000ft and shorter increments.

  2. Is there a cost to run the gas service up to my house? No We’ll run the service and set your gas meter at no charge, but ask that you complete your work within 6 weeks of our gas service installation.

  3. Are there any rebates to convert to natural gas?  Yes When converting from electric or propane there is $200 bill credit for Central Heat and Water Heat and a $50 rebate for Stove/Cooktops and Logs.

  4. What is the landscaping impact? There is no way to know. Every square yard of earth is different and weather can have an impact too. Our crews do a very good job leaving a property looking as close as possible as it did before they arrived, but it is a construction zone.

  5. What am I the customer responsible for? The appliance installation and plumbing inside of the house by a certified plumber/contractor.

  6. What are the benefits of installing and using natural gas? See the attachment

  7. How much does it cost to install a particular gas appliance? You will need a licensed gas plumber or contractor to come out and give you a bid.


If you have any additional or new questions, Jake would like to get them as soon as possible. Please click here to fill out the questionnaire and include your questions in the space provided at the bottom of the form.

Some more thoughts from Jake.........

if we were to move forward with the natural gas installation, we’d be better off running it in increments of 1000 feet or less to start. If we picked up a decent number of customers from that initial run, and all parties were satisfied with how the process went, then we would continue with another 1,000 feet or less. 


The following locations inside Baynard Park are options for use to start at and the first runs would be determined by the number of customers filled out surveys expressing interest. 


  • Bainbridge Way towards the intersection of Stoney Point Dr.

  • Spring Meadow Dr. to Meadowlawn Ln.

  • Maywood Way and Maywood Ct.

  • Bainbridge Way past the intersection of Greatwood Dr.

  • (Below is a snapshot of where natural gas is currently located in Baynard Park)





I think it would be good to come back and meet with the POA Board, and I’ll bring my engineers and Right of Way/Easement Agent. 


We’ll be able to better answer some of your questions, and let the board know what we need granted in an easement if we should move forward.  To submit additional questions and fill out the questionnaire, please click here.


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