Security Update

The Baynard Park security project is moving forward as planned. 

As laid out in the security update new control arms have been approved and a security vendor to install them has been chosen.  ASM along with a project manager will oversee the installation of the arms. These RFID controlled arms will allow for single car access and eliminate piggybacking. There will be no need for window stickers as the guard will no longer control resident access. 2019 stickers will not be valid in 2021.

In addition to the new arms, guard hours and responsibilities are being reviewed. New processes are being put in place to address vendor and visitor management. We are working with our current security provider to make sure the guards provide the expected level of service. This along with new visitor management software currently being considered will ensure our community security needs are met. 

Additional details on all aspects of the security project will be available during an upcoming Q&A session. Specific date and time to be scheduled.


last updated Jan 8, 2020



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