Hargray offers special pricing for all Baynard Park Residents

The Baynard Park Board of Directors is pleased to announce the following announcement from Hargray:

Our Hargray Community Pricing is here! Please call our Special Projects team at 843-815-2226 to take advantage of this program.

Over the last year we have been in discussions with your Board of Directors and Property Manager on ways to improve your experience as a Hargray customer. Research on internet speed subscriptions in Baynard Park have shown us that we have an opportunity to allow customers to leverage our networks capabilities, while improving our pricing structure. As a result, we are very excited to announce new higher speed profiles at substantially discounted rates that were developed specifically for Baynard Park residents.

To hear about our special offers, we have a dedicated team of product specialists available to help you take advantage of the new pricing and assist in finding the right subscription level for you. You may contact this team directly at: 843-815-2216 to schedule an appointment (some upgrades may be able to be handled over the phone).

Please note this special community pricing is for Baynard Park residents only. If you were to call into our regular customer service line, or visit our Belfair office, those representatives will not be able to access your communities special pricing. You must call our Special Projects team at 843-815-2216 to take advantage of Baynard Park’s Community offer.


Additionally, when we have you on the phone, we will be able to assess the current equipment that you have in your home. If new equipment is needed, our techs will upgrade your equipment at the time of the visit.


last updated Jan 8, 2020



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