last updated Oct 21, 2019



Version 1.00


Design Team

Who to Contact

If you are contacting the Property Owners Association (POA) about:

 1. Security Issues

Call the Gate House at 843-815-6311

(if during daytime hours and incident is in progress)


Send an email to the Management Company at


(Examples:  Teens are in the fitness center without adult supervision, Car was seen going into the neighborhood through the exit gate at night, Suspected drug activity at the Pleasant Point Picnic Pavilion, Some party-goers are throwing lawn chairs into the pool, etc.)

 2. Violations

Send an email to the Management Company at


(Examples:  Commercial trucks are parked in front of house after 6:00 pm, Neighbors are leaving trash bins/recycling containers out at curb after pickup day, Pet is roaming unleashed off of owner’s property, Neighbor’s front lawn is not being properly maintained, etc.)



 3. Problems with Existing Equipment/Furnishings

Send an email to the Management Company at


(Examples:  Screen at Pleasant Pointe Picnic Pavilion is ripped, Dog waste container needs to be emptied, Street light is out, Restroom is out of toilet paper, Lagoon fountain is not working, etc.)



 4. Suggestions for New Enhancements

Send an email to the POA Board at


(Examples:  We’d like to see if natural gas can be provided to the homes that don’t currently have it., What cable/Internet options other than Hargray can can we get?, Is it possible to convert a tennis court for pickleball use?, Is the Board looking into water aeration for the ponds that currently don’t have fountains?, etc. NOTE: These are just examples and do not imply that these are currently under consideration.)