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The POA Board relies on neighborhood support through our volunteer committees.   


While the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is already established, all other groups welcome new volunteers. Just complete a Volunteer Form to participate.

In addition, should you prefer to serve on a short-term task force or have a suggestion for forming a new committee, let the POA Board know.

Architectural Review Committee (ARC)Julian Goode, Chair

Reviews and approves any proposed installation, construction, or alteration to the exterior of all properties to ensure such changes comply with neighborhood policies in order to preserve Baynard Park’s harmonious appearance


Documentation Committee – *NEW*

Reviews guidelines, rules & regulations, bylaws, covenants, amenities rules, and forms as well as recommends changes to these documents


Finance Committee Lex Berthelson, Chair

Provides financial oversight including budgeting, financial planning, reporting, as well as developing and monitoring internal controls and accountability policies that support sound financial management.  Accounting background needed


​​New Residents Committee - *NEW*

Welcomes new homeowners to the neighborhood, introduces them to other residents and area services, and provides a website orientation to ensure they have needed forms for vehicle decals/RFID tags, are familiar with our governing documents, and are aware of our events/clubs/ committees


News Committee - *NEW*

Suggests topics, gathers information, takes/provides photos, and submits articles & updates for inclusion on the community website and/or for email distribution to the neighborhood


Social CommitteePat Mulcahy, Chair:  303-506-4222 text/call          
Creates, schedules, and manages social and recreational events including coordinating with the Children’s Events and Decorating Committees

Children’s Events - Kelly Hendricks and Erin Namdar, Co-Chairs

Develops and conducts holiday activities such as crafts, parades, speaker presentations, and contests for neighbor children


Plans, creates, and displays decorations for social events and at the front entrance for major holidays.


Strategic Planning and Capital Improvements Committee - Chris Goodman, Chair -

Works closely with the Board to determine the direction and scope of activities over the longer term by helping to set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, establish intended outcomes/results, and make adjustments in response to a changing environment. This committee will also work closely with the Finance committee to ensure sound financial planning for capital improvement projects and to identify new or changing priorities and challenges.


​Technology/Website Committee – *NEW*

Identifies technologies that will help our community operate more effectively and efficiently as well as provides website content and architecture support. 


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