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FITNESS CENTER UPDATE - The upgrade to the flooring in the Fitness Center is now complete and the Gym is open for business.  Please enjoy the facility and give us your feedback.  Here are some pictures:





REC BOARD NEWS – January, 2020




Your new Rec Board of Julian Goode, Mary Emmett and Jason Naves, hope you enjoyed a safe and joyous holiday with family and friends and are excited about what’s ahead in 2020!

We all look forward to working with each of you and, on your behalf, in 2020 and beyond to ensure our amenities and facilities are maintained and enhanced to provide an appealing look and feel for us and our guests while meeting the recreational and social needs of all residents.


The original Baynard Park facilities are now 13-14 years old with some repair, replacement and/or cosmetic sprucing up required. We are currently making assessments to determine areas in need of immediate action while remaining fiscally responsible and operating within our budget. Above all, we will be transparent and accessible. If you see us in the community, please say “Hi”. Let us know what’s on your minds.


To keep things organized, we ask you to please direct your comments, questions and concerns through our Property Manager, Judy Mason at Atlantic States Management (ASM) by using our NEW Rec Board email address… All Rec Board members will have access to this email as well. Judy’s phone number is (843)837-3278. Our initial meeting in January will not be open to residents, as it will be primarily organizational and fact gathering in nature. However, we will hold regular, open board meetings in the future that will be announced in advance.

With that said, here’s some things on our initial list where you may see some activity. Again, please remember that we are operating within a strict budget.


  • Landscaping – Overgrown and unsightly landscaping is being pruned/trimmed or removed in all recreational areas. Note: drainage and unsafe walkway issues near courts/fitness center are being addressed ASAP.

  • Signage – Old, unsightly and obsolete signage will be refurbished, replaced or removed.

  • Lighting – Pool parking lot and Pleasant Point lighting issues are being assessed and addressed.

  • Pool Furniture/Accessories – Lounges (29) and chairs (97) will be re-strapped/cleaned; 42” metal table tops (20) being replaced; 18” metal table tops (8) being replaced; adding 8 used lounges with new straps; adding 12 used chairs with new straps; pool umbrellas repaired/replaced; all umbrella stands cleaned/painted.

  • Pavilions (Pool & P. Point) – power-washed; ceiling fans to be repaired/replaced; screens/doors repaired/replaced – Thanks to Mike and Mary Emmett for power-washing Pleasant Point pavilion and repairing a damaged fan.

  • Fireplace/Fire Pit – Pool fireplace and PP firepit will be repaired/cleaned.

  • Basketball Court – Condition of both goals and court surface being assessed/addressed per funding.

  • Tennis/Pickleball Courts – Condition of court surfaces, gates and wind screens assessed/addressed per funding.

  • Fitness Center Flooring – Condition being assessed/addressed per funding.

  • Pleasant Point Parking Lot/Driveway – Low spots being assessed/addressed per funding.



  • Please don’t leave a mess for your neighbors! This includes all areas. Please take your trash with you following parties/events. If you see trash laying about, please dispose of it.

  • Please replace picnic tables/benches to their original locations at Pleasant Point and Pool. (See diagram posted at Pleasant Point); Note – Pool diagrams are forthcoming with return of refurbished furniture.

  • Please extinguish fires in fireplace and fire pit PRIOR to leaving.

  • Please replace weights/accessories at fitness center.

  • Please be careful not to clog toilets in pavilions and fitness center. If you create or discover a problem, contact the Property Manager ASAP!

  • Please clean up after your pets.


Finally, we will be organizing and conducting occasional Community Pride weekends for general sprucing up of our recreation facilities (Baynard Park & Parkside residents). PLEASE SIGN UP! AND INCLUDE YOUR KIDS! What a fantastic opportunity to meet and join your neighbors for a good cause. If you have a special skill or expertise that may benefit your community, please let us know. We live in a great community; let’s keep it looking attractive and appealing to maintain the excellent property values we all enjoy.

Thanks so much for your attention and……



Your Baynard Park & Parkside Recreation Board


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