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as of December 3, 2020

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Here's a look at what's been happening since the last news release.


Retention Ponds - Please click here to read the details on our retention ponds.


ASM Update - effectively immediately - Judy Mason is no longer the ASM representative as property manager.  Kent Eddy will be taking over this responsibility in the near term and will be acting as property manager for our community.  Kent's email address is:

2020 Annual Election - complete information can be found here

New Gate Access System -Work continues on the installation of the new gates for our community.   The gates have been ordered and are currently being tested before arriving for installation.  We are waiting for the final meeting to be held to determine reader and arm placement and any needed updates / impacts to the Door King System.  

Financial UpdateGary Fejes

 September Financials: Key points of interest:

  • End of September Balance Sheet shows $108,657 in Operating Cash and $584,370 in Cash Reserves for a total asset balance of $693,027

  • YTD we are $11,848 over budget in our operating account, mainly caused by:

    • $8,251 for final payment of Entry Fountain (may be re-classed to CapEx pending further discussion) 

    • $6,016 for payment of Pool Monitors (not budgeted for in 2020)

  • Gate income was $2,176 for the month and $31,951 YTD.

  • Through September, we have spent approximately 77% of our full year operating budget.

  • Operating Expense budget for 2021 was reviewed again. It can be found on our

Baynard Park Website.

Dominion Gas - As you may have noticed, the Dominion Gas installation team is now onsite and performing the installations for those residents that requested the service.   Please see the minutes for further details on this project.  

RFID Access - Phase I, to be implemented in the coming weeks, will feature an RFID controlled entrance gate with two lighted arms. RFID tags will be required 24/7 for entry using the resident/right hand lane. Non-resident access will be via the left-hand lane which is closest to the gatehouse. Residents will continue calling in passes and all visitors/contractors will need to secure a pass from the gate attendant to gain entry.


Two important items to note for Phase I implementation:

 (1) current 2019 window decals will no longer be valid for entry into the community.

 (2) RFID tags MUST be in working order. 


If you believe your RFID tag is not working, please contact Kerri Cogen at ASM, our property management company, so we can verify installation and/or replace as needed. If you need an RFID tag please go to our website and fill out the appropriate form under the “Documents”  tab.


Parkside residents will also be required to use RFID tags to gain entry for use of the amenities.


Phase I also includes a new lighted exit gate. It will operate as it does today without physical intervention. Both entrance gates will be permanently in the down position, while the exit gate will remain open as it does today, and will be placed in the down position when the gate is un-attended.  Please note:  our existing iron gates will permanently remain in the open position.


 Phase I dates are currently being finalized and updates for Phase II which includes the Visitor Management Software will be shared as available. 


NEW GATE ATTENDANT HOURS - The contract for the gate attendants has been renewed and now reflects a change in the hours of an onsite presence.  Gate attendants will now be onsite everyday from 7am to 7pm, Monday thru Saturday only.  There will no attendants on duty on Sundays, or on the major holidays.  These changes will go into effect at end of the Phase 1 implementation.


Board Meetings – Public board meetings have been suspended due to the COVID-19 restrictions. To allow residents to participate, the September, October, November, and December board meetings will be conducted online.  Links to these meetings will be distributed 2 days before the date of each meeting.  The December meeting will be an Executive board meeting as we transition to the new board.


​Please note: You can now reach out directly to the Rec Board for any questions/suggestions/concerns regarding the Pool, Pool Pavilion, Gym, and Pleasant Point Pavilion areas. The new email address for the Rec Board is:




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