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as of June 7, 2020

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Here's a look at what's been happening since the last news release.


As you know we have 2 new residents (Susan Bonner and Jim Rogers) who have joined our board to help in the management of the community. They have been assigned to lead a couple of key project and in this update, they will be providing the status of these projects.


Community Security

The review of our Community Security in underway and is being led by Jim Rogers.  Click here to see his full report.

Design Rules and Guidelines

Here is an update from Susan on the Rewrite of the Design Rules and Guidelines:


  • Over the past few months a committee of residents took on the challenge of reading and updating the Baynard Park Rules, Regulations and Design Guidelines. This process has been a lengthy one where the committee read, spoke to residents and listened to their many concerns leading them to a rewrite for several of the original sections which will serve to better benefit the Community.


Through their due diligence, this process is near completion, where a new booklet will be published after finalizing with the Board, ASM, and the legal team. We are excited and grateful for the work they have done to bring this large project to fruition. 


-----Susan Bonner Secretary, Baynard Park Board of Directors



Quality Lakes Study – Study has been completed - Awaiting final report


Financial Audit – Currently in progress. Awaiting results expected in May.


Entrance Fountain – Fountain has been installed and successfully tested. During the test it was discovered that the water spray needed to be adjusted by the addition of a diverter to keep most of the water inside of the bowl. We expect to have this installed this week and the fountain will be permanently activated.


Island West Re-Zoning

Are you interested in what's happening with the Island West Rezoning?  Read the details here - (PDF format)  or (Microsoft Word Doc) - (Word File will download to your device)


Board Meetings – Public board meetings have been suspended due to the COVID-19 restrictions.  Meetings will be rescheduled as soon as its legally safe to do so.  Regular board meetings are scheduled for the 3rd Thursday of each month starting at 6:00pm. All public meetings are held at the Buckwalter Recreation Center.

Water Conservation - Water conservation is important.  Please click HERE to review a message from BJWSA as it affects our watering efforts. 

​Please note: You can now reach out directly to the Rec Board for any questions/suggestions/concerns regarding the Pool, Pool Pavilion, Gym, and Pleasant Point Pavilion areas. The new email address for the Rec Board is:




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