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as of April 21, 2020

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Hope everyone has remained safe and healthy during these trying times in our world.


Just a quick update on what's been happening behind the scenes with our neighborhood projects.


Quality Lakes Study – Study has been completed - Awaiting final report that will provide the information regarding the level of evaporation, sedimentation, etc along with recommendations on future steps.


Tree Pruning – This has been completed


Dominion Gas – We have received the easement documents to be reviewed before approval.


Lagoon Ramp installation – Completed.

Lagoon Bubblers – all bubblers have been installed.  

Capital Reserve Study – results were reviewed by the board and changes discussed. Changes will be presented to the CR Firm for updating the final document


License reader – Has been installed and is active.

Financial Audit – currently in progress. Awaiting results expected in May.


Design Guideline Update - All suggested changes have been submitted for review from the committee. Review will take place over the next 2 weeks before a final document is sent to legal.  We appreciate the time and effort that were provided by the committee to provide a document that will be more readily accepted by our residents.


Entrance Fountain – Fountain has been received.  Work has started to support the installation.  Hoping for  completion by May 31. 

Landscape Contract – 3 new bids have been received for the landscape contract.  Bids were summarized and provided for review. Harmon landscapes was selected to continue to provide services to our community.

Security Contract/Project – Have received 2 bids for the security contract. One option includes a base visitor management system that will allow residents to call in visitor passes and provide other supporting functionality. Will be discussing at next board meeting.

Securing walkway to school – for the present time walkway will remain open to allow access to the school and other activities.  Golf cart users please be aware that this walkway is used by pedestrians and bikers – common courtesies expected by all users to keep everyone safe during use.

Board Updates - There are 2 personnel changes on the board.  Mike Harmon has resigned and Dan Morgan is relocating to another city.  To fill those positions – Jim Rogers will fill Mike’s position and will be up for re-election in November.  Susan Bonner will fill the position vacated by Dan Morgan, effective May 16, 2020, and will serve out the remainder of Dan’s term thru the end of 2021.  We thank both gentlemen for the service and contributions to the POA Board and wish them success in their ongoing /new ventures.  We also welcome the new board members who have volunteered to serve and provide continued support to our community.  The board will appoint members to the positions of Vice President and Secretary, currently open due to the vacancies.

Board Meetings – Public board meetings have been suspended due to the COVID-19 restrictions.  Meetings will be rescheduled as soon as its legally safe to do so.  Regular board meetings are scheduled for the 3rd Thursday of each month starting at 6:00pm. All public meetings are held at the Buckwalter Recreation Center.

COVID-19 Update – The Baynard Park amenities are scheduled to be re-opened this weekend.  Please refer to the directions as provided in the memo that was distributed by the Recreation Board outlining the rules that will govern all recreation activities. 

Please continue to stay safe and follow the recommended guidelines. Details can be found by clicking HERE

Water Conservation - Water conservation is important.  Please click HERE to review a message from BJWSA as it affects our watering efforts. 

​Please note: You can now reach out directly to the Rec Board for any questions/suggestions/concerns regarding the Pool, Pool Pavilion, Gym, and Pleasant Point Pavilion areas. The new email address for the Rec Board is:



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