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as of January 5, 2020

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There was a detailed discussion last night regarding the feedback we received from our vendor.  As stated before, the price to repair the entry fountain (by Hampton Parkway) is in the neighborhood of $9,000.  We are trying to determine the value of repairing vs buying a new fountain.  As these fountains are over 12 years old, it might make more sense to purchase new ones rather than continuing to invest significant dollars trying to maintain them year over year. The board has voted to request additional quotes to confirm these costs.  While we wait, this fountain will be drained so as to prevent further damage to its underpinning due to stagnant water.  


The fountain on the left, as you enter the gatehouse, also has a problem with failed lighting.  The initially quoted cost to repair these lights is between $2,000 to $3,000, as these lights are quite expensive.  In addition, we have received a request to re-center this fountain.  Based on quotes - a new electrical cable would have to be installed to move the fountain back to its centered position.  The length of cable required is around 400 feet at a cost of $10 per foot bringing the cost to approximately $4,000 to re-center the fountain.  These numbers are quite prohibitive and must be compared to the overall cost of a fountain replacement. As we await the quotes as requested above, the second fountain will remain as is.


We appreciate your patience as we work to gather all the information so we can make the best decision moving forward.


LAGOON BUBBLERS are currently in the process of being installed.  They will assist in keeping the water moving to prevent stagnation and will be installed in 4 lagoons this year and the rest in 2020 (excluding the 2 lagoons across from the gatehouse).  Lagoons will be selected starting with the worst one. Our new company will continue to take steps to treat the water including stocking the lagoons with carp to reduce the algae.


For this process, they will need access to the lagoons and will be using the lagoon access public easements.


Thanks to all who attended the annual meeting.  At this meeting a new board member, Gary Fejes , was elected to the board. Gary will begin his 2yr term starting on January 1, 2020. The next public board meeting will be on Thursday January 16th, 2020 at 6PM at the Buckwalter Beaufort Parks and Recreation Rec Center.  This meeting is open to all residents who wish to attend. 

Please remember that the board does not monitor or support an social media platforms. If you have a suggestion or question you can contact the board directly or send your request/info to our property manager.

If you have questions or need information please send an email to


At our last executive board meeting, the board discussed this proposal and decided to schedule a meeting with those residents that requested gas and those that will be impacted. This meeting will be scheduled with Dominion Energy to ensure that everyone has their questions answered and everyone understands and accepts the results of moving ahead with this project. 


Both Our Design Guidelines and Rules & Regulations (DGRR) need to be reviewed to determine what changes need to be made to support today's lifestyle and requirements for our community.  This project has been approved by the board and will be started in the next few weeks. 


To support this effort, a committee of interested residents will be formed and chaired by a board member. If you are interested in this project, please send an email to the board.  This project will start in January 2020.


We are going to be making a significant effort to continue to improve our communications regarding board activity/decisions and other information regarding activities within our community.  Minutes from our board meetings will be shared on our website.  Financials will continue to be shared.  The Rec Board will be asked to provide monthly feedback to our board and prepare information that can be posted to our site. 

(Minutes from our annual meetings have been posted in our Document Section)


The pool will be closed for the season starting November 1, 2019.

Many of you have asked about and commented on the state of the pool furniture. After years of use, yes, it's in bad shape.

Starting January 2020, ALL the furniture will be removed and re-furbished. Broken umbrellas will be repaired and chairs restrung. Tabletops will be either repaired or replaced. We will have everything completed and in place for the start of the pool season in 2020.


  • The pool is closed for the season and will re-open April 1, 2020

  • Gatehouse has been power washed

  • Gatehouse doors and interior has been re-painted

  • New Treadmills have been installed in the GYM

  • Split rail fence at Pleasant Pointe has been repaired

  • Community signage is being updated

  • Pool will be resurfaced

  • Screens at Pleasant Point have been repaired

  • Sidewalks under review for safety and repair

  • 2019 Decals valid until December 2020

  • Walkway from Pool area to School will be extended to provide better access to the sidewalk

  • Pleasant Pointe gravel will be upgraded and filled in where necessary


Beginning January 1, 2020, Baynard Park will start to charge vendors a gate fee to enter our community.  This action was discussed and approved by the board at previous board meetings.  The dollars raised will be applied toward the expected expenditure to repair our roads and other infrastructure projects.  This will prevent us from having to raise the POA fees or create assessments to cover the projected expenses. 


By now you should have received a detailed document that describes the process and identifies those vendors that are exempt. Click here to get the document if needed.


We have received a request to see if anyone would be interested in participating in this program.  The road in question is Hampton Parkway.  There have been several occurrences of litter being discarded along this road and we have been asked if our community would like to organize volunteers to help to keep this roadway clear of trash and debris. 


If anyone is interested in this project, please contact the board so we can determine the level of interest in moving ahead with this project.  If you are interested in leading this project, please let us know so we can provide any assistance that you might need.



Please be advised that the POA dues have increased to $430 per quarter per household for the 2020 calendar year.  You will be receiving your payment booklets from ASM in the next few days.  Please ensure to adjust your automatic payments accordingly. 



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