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Our Baynard Park Community will soon have a new and updated Rules, Regulations & Designs Guidelines document which is the culmination piece from a great committee of residents who took the time to review every line and section of the original guidelines. These documents have been legally approved and will be filed with Beaufort County. Here is a summary of the new Golf cart changes that will be implemented.  You will receive much more information regarding this via email shortly. 


Golf Carts/Mopeds:

Some important information regarding the use of golf carts, ATVs and other LSVs (low speed vehicles). Baynard Park has been working diligently to keep all members and visitors of the community safe while driving the roads of Baynard and also keeping in mind the liability on the Community. To this end, it is important that our management company knows who owns each golf cart, just as they know via RFID registration which cars come in/out of the community. In order to do this, ASM will require all carts driven on the property to be registered with them.


In order to register your cart, ASM will be holding registration dates at the pool pavilion. These dates and times will be announced to both Baynard Park and Parkside Residents via email from ASM. Registering your cart will require you to bring valid SC golf cart registration information and valid SC golf cart insurance showing coverage for un-insured drivers. This information will be kept on file with ASM. Carts will be given a decal to be displayed clearly on the front.


It remains important while driving in Baynard to remember the following:

  • Golf carts, ATVs and LSVs need to be equipped with headlights of some type for night driving.

  • The number of passengers on golf carts, ATVs and LSVs cannot exceed the suggested seating capacity

  • Golf carts and ATVs are allowed only on roadways and are strictly prohibited on sidewalks, turf landscape areas, around lagoons, their edges and in the pool, tennis and basketball areas.


Recently we have gotten several inquiries regarding the guards at the front gate stopping what appears to them to be underage drivers from both Baynard and Parkside. Again, thinking about liability and safety first, many of the guards that are used in Baynard by CCSI are SLED Certified. This requires of them to stop and ask questions. They are doing the job we are paying them to do and that is to be concerned about the safety of everyone in the community and the Community itself.


We look forward to answering your questions and seeing you at one of our registration events.



The BP Board is always looking for ways to maintain the value of our homes and to ensure a cohesive community.  We want your input on whether we should restrict the number of homes that can be leased (rented) and what that limit should be.  The results of this survey will be used to help us update our Bylaws.



  • Lending institutions (private & governmental mortgage companies) recommend 20% as the maximum number of leased homes in a community.Some neighborhoods use this percentage.

  • Other neighborhoods use a more restricted percentage – less than 20% of the total homes.

Please complete this brief 3 question survey so that we can obtain the necessary information to structure our leasing policy.  The survey can be found here:  Take the Survey


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