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Our Baynard Park Community will soon have a new and updated Rules, Regulations & Designs Guidelines document which is the culmination piece from a great committee of residents who took the time to review every line and section of the original guidelines. While we are awaiting final legal approval, we’d like to share two important highlights and changes to the new guidelines.


Golf Carts/Mopeds:

All golf carts and mopeds will now be required to be registered with the Property Management Company. Golf carts and mopeds must now have valid golf cart insurance with a rider to include uninsured drivers.  Proof of insurance must accompany the golf cart/moped registration application and will remain on file with the Property Management Company.  Upon meeting the requirements, a decal from the Property Management Company will be issued and must be placed on the front of the golf card/moped and be clearly visible.  All drivers of a golf cart/moped in the Baynard Park community must follow all state and local rules of the road while inside the Baynard Park community, including stop signs and posted speed limits.  All golf carts/mopeds must be equipped with proper night time headlights and the number of passengers cannot exceed the golf cart’s seating capacity. Golf carts/mopeds are allowed only on roadways and are strictly prohibited on sidewalks, turf landscape areas, around lake or lagoon edges, and pool/tennis/basketball court areas.



In order to preserve the character of the community as predominantly owner occupied, and to comply with Owners desiring to lease their entire home(s) may only do so after personally occupying the residence for a one year timeframe prior to leasing. Once this criteria has been met, Owners still desiring to lease their entire home(s), may do so only if they have applied for and received from the property management company a leasing permit. This permit will allow an Owner to lease such Owner’s entire home. An Owner’s request for a leasing permit shall be approved if current, outstanding permits have not been issued for more that 3 percent of the total homes in the Community. It is highly suggested that if you are intending on leasing your home, you call ASM prior to doing so. If you are intending on selling your home, it is strongly advised that you tell your agent and the buyers that leasing may not be an option for a Baynard Park Home buyer based on the amount of leases currently in place in the community and it is very likely that the application may be denied.

last updated June 29, 2020



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