Dominion Gas Update

as of July 11, 2020

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As a reminder of the process that has transpired, there was consideration given to extending gas service through those portions of the community that did not have gas service, however, had that option been elected the Association would have had to bear a percentage of the cost of the installing the infrastructure. That option was unacceptable to the Board.


Subsequent to the rejection of the aforementioned option, Dominion offered to provide gas infrastructure for a distance of 1000 feet from the location of an existing gas line without any cost to the Association if 60% of the residents along the 1000 feet pledged to connect to the service.


There was data that was supplied by some homeowners and some data collected by the board which demonstrated there was 60% of the residents in two 1000 feet sections who agreed to connect to gas service if installed. This information was communicated to Dominion Energy and progressed on the basis that two 1000 feet sections would be installed. There was a period when that decision making and planning took place and as part of the process an easement was drafted. One of the 1000 feet sections will run approximately from a point near the parking lot of the pool along Spring Meadow Drive toward the gate house. The second 1000 feet section will run from the same starting location along a generally northerly direction along Bainbridge.

Before any installation is undertaken the residents along the two aforementioned sections that pledged that they would connect at least one appliance to the gas service will be provided a contract by Dominion to be signed by the homeowner. Without a signed contract by 60% of the homeowners along each 1000 feet section, the project will not proceed. The term "appliance" means common kitchen appliances and water heaters, clothes dryers as well as furnaces, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, and other outdoor gas cooking devices.

If the subscription of 60% of homeowners is achieved, then on a time table to be determined by Dominion, the installation will begin. The installation will proceed underground by making a relatively small hole in one location to allow the insertion of a pipe that by use of a drill will proceed 1000 feet and at the terminus of the 1000 feet another small hole will be made to cap off the pipe. The reason that the plan is only for 1000 feet is that the machine installing the pipe has a capacity limitation of said amount.There will be no continuous digging along the path of the pipe and no one's driveway or sidewalk will be broken or removed. After the installation the landscaping will be returned to its original condition. For those homeowners who subscribe to gas service, the gas line will be brought to either side of the homeowner's house and the homeowner will then be responsible for the cost of a plumber or other technician to connect their appliance to the gas line adjacent to their house.

For those persons along the path of the two 1000 feet sections that have not subscribed to the proposed gas service, there remains an opportunity to do so before installation has progressed too far along. Attached is some material that provides information regarding the advantages of natural gas. If any homeowner along the proposed gas lines decides to subscribe to the service, you may contact Dominion's new-service department.


After the installation of the two 1000 feet gas lines, if other homeowners within 1000 feet from the terminus of the extended lines desires gas service and they can obtain 60% subscription of the homeowners along the desired extension, then they may seek further extension of the gas line under likely the same terms and conditions as are presently in place.


If you have any questions, the Board will endeavor to answer them.


Respectfully, Chris Goodman Director

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